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Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out your company's numbers?You just found one of the best accounting teams out there. We’re here to rescue you!Wouldn't it be amazing to pick up the phone and get your financial questions answered? Could you imagine how awesome it would be to sleep at night, knowing you can trust your numbers?We become your partner, your trusted advisor, and help guide your growth. Our services range from bookkeeper to CFO, while functioning as your full finance and accounting team or supplementing your existing team.

Understanding your financial future

Making decisions now for a healthy financial future is one of the smartest things you can do.

We’ll create a financial model to help guide your vision, test new product lines, and keep you accountable for your business goals.We’ve built models for high-growth companies as well as pre-revenue companies that are going through the fundraising process, helping them identify the best value to raise and which financial metrics to include in their pitch deck.Cash flow can make or break a company. Our team prepares custom models based on your business needs to project what your future cash flow will look like and help you prepare for surplus or shortages in your near future. From there, we can help you manage your cash flow via financing options or strategic alternatives.

M&A Support

Facing an exciting acquisition opportunity? Don’t have the high-level finance role or strategic know-how on your team that you need to execute the deal?

We offer financial support through the deal process, providing the guidance and strategy you need to maximize your return.Working through the diligence process can be a full-time job, on top of running your company. Our team ensures you have the support you need for the deal to run smoothly while continuing to grow the company. We’ve closed more than $168MM in deals and counting!

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Working with Colson Strategies has given me back the time I needed to focus on running my business and growing the company.Before hiring the team, I had an outdated cookie-cutter model that didn't match my business needs, it was a black box of financial data I couldn't use. I sat down with our Colson Strategies CFO and created a custom financial model tailored to my business. This has become the model I refer to daily, to make smart, informed, strategic decisions for the business.The team aligns perfectly with how we operate, taking over the day-to-day accounting that I had previously been handling. They’re proactive, personable, and super knowledgeable.It gives me so much peace of mind to know I hired an entire team with varying expertise and skillsets, which helps us solve problems faster and gives me solutions that work for my specific business in a timely manner.I can't recommend a better financial partner.

Drew Sementa
CEO at Tidal Commerce

Lauren and her team at Colson Strategies were initially hired to identify and implement financial systems into our service-based business. We quickly learned just how valuable they were to our overall financial well-being.We now have our fractional CFO who provides a financial strategy that aligns with our short and long-term goals.We also have a bookkeeper and a tax consultant from the team.The best part about working with Colson Strategies is that you have a team surrounding you who know what they are doing with finances and strategy and who care deeply about your business and your financial success.

Mary Miele
CEO at Evolved Education Company

Lauren was an incredibly valuable contributor as we built our finance team. She joined during a period of incredibly rapid growth in our early days and helped us to establish a very solid foundation, then she scaled with us as we grew the team and professionalized our processes.No challenge was ever too big for her to take on or too small for her to care about – she's a consummate professional and terrific teammate.

Phil McKeating
COO at Cirkul

Working with Lauren and the team at Colson Strategies has transformed the way we operate as entrepreneurs.As first-time founders, hiring Lauren as a fractional CFO was one of the best decisions we made.Her guidance and expertise were instrumental in the development of our financial modeling.Her team has also helped us implement financial best practices to streamline our invoicing and bookkeeping. We know we are in good hands with Colson Strategies!

Megan Henken
Co-Founder at myUTI

Lauren is, without question, a world-class CFO.I had the opportunity to work with her on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis on a successful sell-side process and she never, ever, put a foot wrong.Lauren is a smart, strategic thinker with strong problem-solving, financial management and business operations skills. She has a powerful combination of CFO & COO operating experience that was very much appreciated during our time working together.I highly recommend Lauren and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

James Barbour
Investment Banker at JEGI Clarity


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